PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: an otolaryngologist specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the ENT organs.

Procedures performed by the doctor:
- diagnostic endoscopy
- removal of a foreign body from the ear
- opening of the furuncle of the nose and ears
– endonasal and parameatal blockade
- washing of the lacunae of the palatine tonsils
- nose washing according to Proetz
- washing out sulfur plugs
- dissection of paratonsillar abscess
- opening of palatine tonsil cysts
– paracentesis of the tympanic membrane
- intratympanic administration of drugs
- ear toilet
– purging of the auditory tube according to Politzer
- stopping nosebleeds
- chemoacoustics of the vessels of the nasal passage
- coagulation of bleeding vessels
- injection of medicines into the larynx
- introduction of turunda with medicine into the ear canal
- placing stitches on the skin
– swabs from the nose, throat with an antibioticogram
- microbiological studies of secretions from tonsils

2011-2015 — studied at Mizhhirsky Medical College
2015-2020 — studied at Uzhhorod National University, majoring in "Medical business"
2020-2022 — completed an internship in the specialty "Otolaryngology" at the ZOKL named after A. Novak ZOR
Attending conferences and improvement courses:
- Basics of ENT diagnostics at the first contact
– Acute rhinosinusitis
– Eurolor 2020
– Radiolor 2021
- Easy about difficult. Diseases of the middle ear
– Principles of reconstruction of the naso-ethmoidal complex and the upper face area

Scira Tetyana Stepanivna - Vitamin Medical Center

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