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In the modern world, malignant neoplasms of the breast occupy a leading position in the structure of other oncological diseases. Regular preventive consultations with a mammologist help detect neoplasms in the early stages of development and carry out appropriate therapy.

Mammography is an X-ray method of examining the mammary glands, which is prescribed for the purpose of prevention (in healthy women) and for diagnosis (to confirm or exclude a malignant or benign neoplasm of the mammary gland). An experienced mammologist carefully analyzes the images, examining the smallest changes in the tissue structure. Upon confirmation of the presence of cancer, the mammologist-oncologist will suggest a treatment scheme based on the stage of the disease, condition and age of the patient.

Consultation with a mammologist is necessary when the following symptoms appear:

  • the appearance of lumps, knots or depressions under the skin of the breast;
  • pain in the chest and armpits;
  • hyperemia of the skin of the mammary gland;
  • nipple retraction;
  • discharge from the nipple;

  • deformity that is visible from the outside.

How does the mammologist consultation go??

1 Stage: Collection of information
An appointment with a doctor begins with a preliminary conversation with the patient, during which the doctor finds out the reason for the visit, complaints and medical history.

2 Stage: Review
The mammologist will conduct a special examination and palpation of the mammary glands. There may be a need for special additional examinations (ultrasound, mammography, aspiration biopsy). During the consultation, the mammologist will teach you how to self-examine your breasts and answer all your questions.

3 Stage: Establishing a diagnosis and treatment regimen
When a pathology is detected, the doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Our specialists have the most up-to-date skills and equipment for conducting screening tests, as well as treating breast pathology. At the "Vitamin" medical center (Uzhhorod), every patient can receive:

  • Full consultative assistance from oncological surgeons, mammologists with long experience and experience in clinical work.
  • Ultrasound examination and mammography of mammary glands using modern, new medical equipment.
  • Full examination by doctors of other, narrow specialties if necessary.

  • High-quality and fast laboratory diagnostics.

  • Detailed consultation on the prevention of breast neoplasms, the necessity of self-examination.

  • Therapeutic massage of mammary glands.

Ultrasound of the mammary glands at the "Vitamin" medical center (Uzhhorod) helps not only to detect a pathological formation, but also to determine its localization, size and structure. This research method is most effective in diagnosing mammary glands under the age of 30. At an older age, the mammologist prescribes a mammogram.

A mammologist-oncologist advises to undergo screening mammography:

  • from 40 to 50 years old - once every 2 years
  • after 50 years - annually

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