Dermatology in Uzhhorod, Vitamin Medical Center.

Dermatologist deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin diseases, as well as nail and hair diseases. Consultation of a dermatologist is necessary in case of any issues related to the condition of the skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails.

In our center, we use a modern dermatoscope of a Korean manufacturer ILLUCO 2020. The effectiveness of this device is confirmed by relevant certificates and recommendations of specialists. It is actively used in cosmetology, dermatology and oncology. In just 5-10 minutes of examination, you will receive complete information about the nature of the growth of your moles and the condition of your skin.

Specialists of our center recommend conducting dermatoscopy annually during the next visit to the cosmetologist. This will make it possible to exclude the development of malignant pathology or detect it at an early stage, when the success rate of treatment is 80%.

How is a dermatologist's consultation at the "Vitamin" medical center in Uzhhorod?

1 Stage: Conversation and information gathering
The dermatologist will listen to complaints, collect information about the course and duration of the disease (medical history). The doctor will ask if you have any co-morbidities and if you are taking any medications.

2 Stage: Review
The dermatologist will examine the skin and assess its condition using a magnifying glass. Additionally, the doctor can use a dermatoscope or a Wood's lamp for diagnosis.

3 Stage: Establishing a diagnosis and treatment regimen
The doctor establishes a preliminary diagnosis, issues an advisory opinion, a treatment plan and, if necessary, recommendations for additional examinations.

Correct treatment of skin diseases is possible only after reliable diagnosis, which is carried out on modern high-tech equipment, which allows diagnosing even the rarest dermatological diseases.

Specialists of the Vitamin medical center

Service Dermatology
  • Nedoluzhenko Ksenia Yaroslavivna - Vitamin Medical Center

Nedoluzhenko Ksenia Yaroslavivna

медичний директор, лікар естетичної медицини, косметолог, дерматолог, трихолог

Dermatology - Vitamin Medical Center

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