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Otolaryngology in Uzhhorod, Vitamin Medical Center.

Otolaryngologist (ENT) is a doctor (ear-throat-nose) specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the relevant organs, as well as adjacent tissues and organs, which are not only anatomically located in close proximity to the ENT organs, but also physiologically closely related to each other : additional sinuses, tonsils, cervical lymph nodes, trachea.

What symptoms should you see a doctor for?

  • cough;
  • hearing loss;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • nosebleeds;
  • painful sensations in the throat;
  • snoring and uneven breathing in sleep;
  • change or loss of voice;
  • constant headache;
  • decrease or disappearance of smell;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • pain in the area of the upper jaw, in the sinuses, in the ear.

An otorhinolaryngologist in the city of Uzhgorod at the "Vitamin" medical center will conduct a thorough examination, collect a complete medical history, prescribe all the necessary diagnostic measures and draw up a treatment plan based on the age, characteristics of the body, and the course of the pathological process.

How is a consultation with an otolaryngologist at the "Vitamin" medical center?

An appointment with a doctor begins with a preliminary conversation with the patient, during which the doctor finds out the reason for the visit, complaints and medical history.

2 Stage: REVIEW
The otolaryngologist will conduct an examination of the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx, oropharynx, larynx), and ears.

If the received data is sufficient to establish a diagnosis, you will be prescribed treatment. Otherwise, the otolaryngologist will suggest laboratory tests or special instrumental studies (endoscopic examination, biopsy, etc.).

Diagnostic methods:

  • Laboratory diagnostics.
  • Endoscopic methods (bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, pharyngoscopy, colonoscopy, otoscopy, fibroscopy, etc.).
  • Radiography.
  • Ultrasound examination of ENT organs.
  • Computed tomography, etc.

Diagnostic endoscopy and treatment of patients is carried out using high-quality modern equipment of a well-known Korean company "EUROCLINIC" - ENT combine "MEDSTAR" (year 2019).

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