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Pulmonology in Uzhhorod, Vitamin Medical Center.

Pulmonology studies disorders of the human respiratory system, the cause of their occurrence, as well as methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Most often, a therapist or a family doctor refers a patient to a pulmonologist. You can come to an appointment with a pulmonologist without a referral and immediately receive qualified help from a specialist.

You should consult a pulmonologist with the following symptoms:

  • prolonged cough with or without sputum;
  • cough, which is accompanied by an increase in temperature;
  • chest pain when breathing;
  • cough accompanied by suffocation;
  • appearance of blood, pus in sputum;
  • entry of a foreign object into the respiratory tract.

A timely visit to the doctor will allow to quickly diagnose the disease and provide the necessary assistance for its effective treatment.

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