Operative urology

Operative urology in Uzhhorod, Vitamin Medical Center.

Operative urology

The department of operative urology at "Vitamin" is already successfully working under the leadership of a candidate of medical sciences, a urologist of the highest category Buchok of Oleksandr Oleksandrovych.

  • a doctor who has already performed more than 6,000 operations!
  • expert in the field of minimally invasive endourological interventions
  • one of the first in Transcarpathia to widely use transurethral surgery and the first to use minipercutaneous percutaneous nephrolithotripsy in combination with a holmium laser for the treatment of patients with kidney stones

Today, the modern equipment of our medical center allows us to perform both traditional open surgical interventions in full and minimally invasive ones. Including:

This is a progressive method of treatment of urological diseases.

Indications for carrying out:

  • stones, tumors and inflammatory processes of the prostate gland
  • bladder neck sclerosis
  • stones and tumors in the bladder
  • stones and tumors of the ureter and renal pelvis

This is one of the types of treatment of urolithiasis. This method does not require surgical intervention and large incisions on the body. Doctors affect the stones with the help of special laser equipment. Under the influence of its waves, stones are crushed to the state of sand or very small particles, which are removed from the body naturally.

On average, laser crushing lasts 1-2 hours, and the recovery period after the operation is several days.

This is a minimally invasive, endoscopic method of surgical intervention for the elimination of kidney concretions (stones) larger than 1.5 cm.

The essence of the method is to perform a "puncture" in the lumbar region (from the back side) through which a special optical instrument - "nephoscope" - is introduced into the hollow system of the kidney. The tool provides the ability to inspect the kidney and the stone from the inside, and also has a working channel through which stones are crushed and fragments are eliminated. After the operation, an inconspicuous scar about 1 cm long remains in the lumbar region.

This method is considered the "gold standard" of minimally invasive surgical treatment of urolithiasis worldwide.

The purpose of the method is to use a flexible (about 3 mm in diameter) fiber-optic instrument (urethroscope) that allows access to stones in the ureter and kidney. It visualizes the stone after passing through the urethra, bladder, without additional incisions, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to the ureter during surgery.

Laparoscopy is a modern minimally invasive type of surgery. Its main difference and advantage over open operations is that the surgeon does not make a large incision on the body, but several small punctures. A special tool is inserted into these openings, with the help of which the doctor can examine the organs in detail, take a biopsy and carry out other planned manipulations. During laparoscopy, the patient does not lose large volumes of blood and recovers quickly after the procedure. In urology, laparoscopic operations are used quite widely and have proven themselves on the positive side.

The rehabilitation period is individual, but, as a rule, it passes much faster than after a conventional operation.

During surgical interventions, disposable consumables are used in most cases, which, in combination with modern methods of sterilization of endoscopic instruments, guarantees the patient the avoidance of infectious complications.

Operative urology - Vitamin Medical Center

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Medical center "INitamine» can provide a full cycle of examination and operative treatment without leaving the institution!

After all, on the basis of our center, such powerful and modern diagnostic techniques as CT, MRI, ultrasound with consultations of all necessary related specialists (cardiologist, pulmonologist, etc.) are available.

At the "Vitamin" MC, the patient is under the supervision of experienced staff with many years of experience in urology (surgery) around the clock and in modern conditions with everything necessary for comfortable treatment:

  • air conditioning
  • TV
  • WiFi system
  • food
  • multifunctional bed
  • button to call medical personnel

Most of the wards of department 1-2 are local and meet all modern standards. There are also rooms of increased comfort.

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Service Operative urology
Operative urology - Vitamin Medical Center

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