CATEGORY: higher


PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: obstetrician-gynecologist, pelvic ultrasound specialist.

Procedures performed by the doctor:
- gynecological consultation
- counseling on pregnancy planning and infertility treatment
- consulting on issues of endocrine gynecology
- pregnancy management
- treatment of pathology of the cervix (laser and radio wave excision, coagulation, conization of the cervix)
- digital photocolonoscopy
- removal of cervical polyps
- diagnostic fractional scraping of the uterine cavity
- installation and removal of IUDs
- treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases of the female genital area
– Transvaginal and transabdominal pelvic ultrasound

She graduated from the medical faculty of UzhNU, completed her internship at the Lviv Perinatal Center.
2015 – internship at the clinic of Hungary on the basis of Debrecen State University.
The doctor is fluent in Hungarian.

Edita Stepanivna Landovska - Vitamin Medical Center

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